Our patient service approach is very straight forward. We place the patient at the center.  We base our services available based upon patient need and scheduling requirement. We are particularly sensitive to accommodate those patients who have to drive considerable distances for treatment as well as those who have rather inflexible work schedule.

I have created a unique environment in our Lancaster location focusing on appropriate treatment for ages eight to eighty with each individualized plan of care.  The goal is to restore your quality of life, and help you to attain YOUR goals.

 As a unique, professional practice corporation, we are able to provide quality one on one care and work with patients in their schedule, compliance and finances. I have listed below some aspects of our clinic that you will find beneficial to your patient’s and your expectations of his or her rehabilitation.




Excellence in Care 

The staff at Gindi Physical Therapy are trained to give you the best healthcare experience possible. We create a fun, compassionate and caring environment to make you feel comfortable.  



Sports Medicine Program

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Have you or your athlete been injured. Are you looking for that competitive edge? Dr. Gindi is here to help.  Dr. Gindi has 16 years of baseball experience and has pitched in high school and college including playing for the #4 team in the country.  Dr. Gindi will work with the athlete, coach and parent to give the athlete every opportunity to get to that next level, safely.


Getting You Back To You

Gindi Physical Therapy is here for you. Our patients are our priority.  We are here for you and to achieve your goals.  Get ready for an experience like no other.  Meet doctors that care and listen and show true compassion. We are here for rehab and prevention as well.  We have many non surgical options for you. And if you have already had surgery we are here to get you back to your independence.